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18 November 2012

Untuk Seketika :)

salam kepenatan !

first and all, I had done with my first paper (Project Management) ! how hard for me to study about this subject :( but grateful to ALLAH because i got a great teacher :) thanks for you madam Amilia Noorlin Bt Md Jelani

I have to focus for another subject and I still have five paper to complete my studies, hopefully all things to be simplified with easy way and the most important thing may ALLAH bless me, and don't give up to keep on praying for Gaza :( for a while how difficult to they surf life in this world but believe me, they will be peace on there :) InsyALLAH, Save Gaza !

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Santan Berlada said...

lebihkan usaha... gud luck...!!!

bawah ni iklan terbaru,nak tengok klik je

ketika cuti dan bosan !