like sampai lebam,if not aku cepuk kang

26 February 2012

we are respect each other..okey kan?

first and all,I just got this problem two week and ago..ehh tak,,two month and tak..lantak lah malas nak ingat.. seriously full of damn.. ><''

I know i'm not enough good to you,she is only one girl that I love in my life,and it is fullstop,but all of the drama scene ends,and now I just got my new life ><"

when is it ends,
i'm promise to my self,I will spend more my time with my old my friend,there are is totally awesome than you hater,I proud of my self to be your hater

no more love from you,and no more facebook si kejadah itu =')

#DKA3A semester 3 =')
#sekarang DKA4A :'D

ohh ohh..less than 8 more week left for my final exam...rasa macam nak pitam..I want to improve my cgpa,I know i'm not so clever than you reader,but I keep trying to be clever than you reader..acehh...acewahhhh !

hydraulics 2
geotech 2
traffic engineering
analysis 1

end I tell you..
it was very susah wooo..
hew hew hew

WISH ME LUCK,nanti mal update YEAHH =)


eszyamin said...

gudluck bro

Aqiim said...

woww an english entry!~
cool bro~
goodluck for your final exam and please don't try this at home oke?
kahkah -__-"

Capital AF :') said...

Gud luck Uncle Akmal Azmi :') Hihihihi, gurau jela :')

Dila azie said...

Hi ! Good luck for your exam ! Btw , somethings that happened have the own reasons (:

Azham Vosovic said...


Good luck okay!

Saddila said...

uikk sempat lagi tu hupdate entry. haha terror speaking. heeee GOOD LUCK, bro :)

::FAIZ:: said...

Good Luck sahabat

Anonymous said...

single tuh seksi laa mal.

all the best for final.

DanieL AdiE said...

All the very best,..

Its all about the mindset.. don't think too much of not able to answer it...

think that u'll definitely score those papers...

U can do it akmal...

si robot comel said...

good luck beb.

zaty luvlianncezzz said...

keep moving on :)

Jum hayati di sini (^o^)
jiwa-jiwa #1

bawah ni iklan terbaru,nak tengok klik je

ketika cuti dan bosan !